Uncommon facts about fingerprinting

There are a few things we know about fingerprints. For example, you have heard that criminals burn their fingerprints to avoid being identified, you have probably heard that we all have a unique pattern. Well, there are other facts not known by many

Uncommon facts about fingerprinting

Some people do not have them

There are genetic conditions that can prevent the formation of fingerprints. The lack of identifying marks is not ideal, but it is unfortunate to say that it is not the worst condition associated with the genetic disorders.

Fingerprinting is not enough proof

We all think that investigators will catch the lawbreakers if they forgot to wear their gloves during operation. The truth of the matter is, the identification method is not fully relied on as proof.

They have an interesting origin story

Have you ever wondered where fingerprints come from? Well, it is a development process that begins in the uterus. Doctors say that the prints grow at a different rate with the skin on the palm, making the dermis to pull forming a strange pattern making identities so unique.

Other animals have them

We tend to think that we humans are the only mammals carrying the unique prints. Other mammals like koalas, chimpanzees, and gorillas have them as well. Scientist associates the presence of prints on these mammals with living on trees. Koalas have fingerprints similar to humans, the best experts in this cannot differentiate the fingerprints up to now.

They can be erased

Some professions or conditions make people lose their fingerprints. Jobs like repetitive bricklaying may result to wearing them away. Chemotherapy drugs can lead to a reduction of the marks or lose them all together. Strong cases of poison can take them away completely but will return eventually.

There have been attempts to remove them

Removing this unique marks is not as easy as people may think. Sometimes in the 1930s, criminals were determined to do away with the prints. They tried removing them through filing, burning with acid, cutting them off entirely in vain. One robber by the name Robert Philips talked to his doctor to do grafting skin from the chest to the fingers. This did not work as he was arrested using his fingerprints. The unique prints are a mystery and have strong genetics associated with them.